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Climate Change is a term used to indicate the changes to our climate which have been identified to have occurred in the past 100 years.


Climate Change is now a top political and social issue and much debate surrounds its origin, impacts, threats and possible solutions. Many attribute climate change and the ‘greenhouse’ effect to pollution from human sources, such as industrial, domestic and transportation emissions.


The EU ETS (European Union Emissions Trading Scheme) is an EU-wide scheme to reduce carbon emissions in order to ensure compliance with the Kyoto Protocol of 1997. The Kyoto Protocol is the first ever international treaty to set legally binding emissions reduction targets and entered into force in February 2005; since its creation it has been ratified by over 166 countries. The CDM, or Clean Development Mechanism, allows companies to undertake projects in countries which do not have Kyoto targets (i.e. developing countries) to reduce the amount of emissions in those regions.


Carbon markets, such as the EU ETS and CDM, have been praised as our most important mechanism for reducing the harmful gas emissions that cause climate change.


The carbon credit market is growing in popularity and is seen to be a potentially lucrative business as an increasing number of companies look for ways to reduce their own carbon emissions. In the global business environment, they can now look abroad for advice, partnerships or ideas to develop innovations in carbon emission solutions.


At TJC Global, we are committed to helping the effort to reduce global warming. Our expert translators can assist you in research for the carbon market and communication with foreign companies to support the process.


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