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If your involvement with a region or country’s companies or organisations is time-sensitive or of a long-term nature, TJC Global can provide a wide range of services to prepare your company or employees in advance of the event. Seminars, briefings and other training will make your employees more aware of cultural differences, protocols and idioms in the region with which they are working.

TJC also offers interpreting services for event speakers. Time-allowing, we would request the text of the speech and other relevant supporting materials in advance so our interpreter can familiarise themselves with the subject area. To provide the best possible service, our interpreter needs to have a good grasp of the content of the speech and a solid understanding of the terminology or technical terms used. In addition to our interpreter’s existing knowledge and experience of your subject area, this preparation is crucial in allowing the interpreter to accurately adapt your speech.

Our interpreters will, time-allowing, meet with the speaker in advance of the speech to review all supporting materials, such as illustrations, technical drawings, slides and transparencies. The required pace of the delivery and the degree of interaction between the speaker and the audience will also be included in the discussion, as these factors play a large part in influencing how effectively the interpreter can present the speaker’s work. Our interpreters rehearse the material with the speaker present, to identify and eliminate any potential technical or procedural problems before the speech is delivered.

Event speakers

In addition to our considerable expertise in interpreting and translating, we aim to provide event organisation and speaker provision, and to work with the organisers of events which have a cross-cultural focus. Through over 20 years’ experience in translating and interpreting, TJC has an extensive network of scholars, researchers, cultural specialists, linguists and other related professionals in many parts of the world and proficient in many languages. This allows us to provide speakers on a wide number of topics concerning a country or culture’s industries, business, markets and education, among others, to NGOs or NPOs. Our speakers can lecture on general topics or in response to a contemporary issue which is relevant to you.

TJC also offers to undertake research work on specific subjects on request, if support is needed. We understand that sometimes tight deadlines or unexpected circumstances mean our client may need extra assistance from us in preparing an event. With sufficient notice, our speakers can prepare briefings and summaries in your desired subject area.


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Please note that we are currently unable to cover translations for certificates, e.g. marriage, academic documents
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